The Right GMAT Prep Course Will Help You Score in the Top Percentile

If you are preparing to take the GMAT exam, you already know what’s at stake — after all, this could be the most important test of your life. The GMAT stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test, and it can singlehandedly determine whether or not you will attend your top grad school choice. The exam is a three-and-a-half hour standardized test that must be taken by potential students aspiring to enter into Masters in Business Administration programs. Its main purpose is to predict how the potential students will perform academically. It does not test general business knowledge but it’s rather a test in general educational knowledge and ability from analytical writing abilities to certain algebraic knowledge.


Preparing for standardized tests, such as the GMAT exam can be confusing and stressful. If you are truly seeking to score in the top percentile, an investment in a preparation class is more than worth it. In case you don’t score within the desired range the first time or if you simply want to ace the test on your first try, the best thing to remember is that the old adage is true: practice makes perfect. So when you start to research which test centre to work with, find one that offers the most raw practice test hours possible. In fact, some of the better services allow for you to repeat the course material for free if you don’t achieve the right score the first time. Still others also offer a personal assessment of a mock GMAT exam in order to help you determine the best plan for yourself. If you live in Toronto and have an upcoming GMAT exam, consider Quantum Test Prep, as they offer both of the above options plus an extremely flexible study schedule. The assessment is individualized but once your scores have been analyzed, you will be presented with the most common topics of study for those who have scored within your general range.

Another major advantage to taking a preparation course at Quantum Test Prep, is that you will be paired with an instructor with years or decades of experience, and who has herself scored within the top percentiles of the GMAT. When you receive instruction from someone who has years of experience in teaching test preparation, you are on the path to success. Instead of spending hour after frustrating hour trying to figure it all out yourself, you’re receiving proper instruction over several hours’ time. An instructor can assess which areas you should be focusing on, and then guide you in that direction.

The best standardized test preparation services have classes that can be scheduled on evenings and weekends to accommodate your university schedule. A test centre that actually cares will work around your time because the main mission of a test preparation service is to do whatever they can to help you prepare for the exam that you’re about to take. As a result, they always offer classes that you can schedule around your professional or academic duties. The most comprehensive, and therefore by natural extension the most popular Quantum Test Prep GMAT course package is the Quantum Ultimate GMAT course, which is a full and complete 100 hour, four weekend package that combines the four individual Quantum GMAT course modules together at a discounted price. The four 25-hour modules are:

  • M1 – Foundational Math
  • M2 – Intermediate Math
  • M3 – Advanced Math
  • V – Comprehensive Verbal

and combined, they will help you excel at all areas of the exam.  No other GMAT test prep course covers and reviews the overall GMAT exam content in as complete and efficient a manner as this. If you want to not just succeed, but truly excel on your GMAT exam, the Quantum Ultimate GMAT course is best GMAT test prep course you can take.

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