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Literacy in Science goes beyond reading or writing. It serves as the foundation of our understanding of the world and also provides us an opportunity to see the world issues through visual presentations, oral and written means of knowledge. The importance of science in early childhood is often related to the development of various skills. Using science as a medium to learn and understand environment supports the communication and problem solving skills of a child.

The modern world has set more challenges for parents who are concerned about the early cognitive development of their child because of the scientific advancements. Most parents today consider media and virtual platforms as essential learning platforms for their child. This need has encouraged many schools to explore new techniques and methods of scientific learning that support the cognitive and psychological development of toddlers. Little House of Science aims to spread awareness in toddlers about environmental science by encouraging them to participate in a healthy school holiday science workshops.

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Learning Workshops

School Holiday Science workshop provides learning opportunities to children by linking science to other academic areas. Integrating science with mathematics, technology, languages skills and concepts help children to understand the connection between science and modern life. Children are also taught about the different roles science plays in improving our environment.

Literacy and language skills are integral to experiment and understand science. Writing, speaking and reading are essential techniques for communicating and comprehending scientific ideas and issues. Engaging young minds in hands on learning activities at the School Holiday Science workshop provides valuable experience to toddlers, which helps them develop literacy skills by exploring new concepts in the Science Environment, by relating to the materials around them in the form of blocks and shapes.

Why sign up for a Science Workshop?

Science is a way of thinking and knowing about the physical and natural world surrounding us. Measuring, observing, classifying and predicting are the few fundamental skills linked to scientific study, investigation, decision making and problem solving. These skills contribute and together form a body of knowledge that further helps a child in thinking, processing and logical reasoning. The workshop encourages them to actively participate in various learning activities.

At Little House of Science workshop we allow children to explore different environmental opportunities and expose them to the various environmental issues surrounding us to make them understand the need and importance of Science. Toddlers are curious about everything the see and everything in their surrounding is a mystery to them. Exposing them to learning platforms and providing them the means to explore their surroundings, help them in building their cognitive skills.

As toddlers play with different materials, go through different fictional and nonfictional readings materials, they develop a basic understanding of key concepts that help them in academics throughout their life. Our workshops include life, earth, physics, and math practices and experiments that encourage exploration and learning.

The aim of the workshop is to instill more curiosity, as it is only curiosity in children that motivates them towards learning new skills. Enroll your toddlers to the School Holiday Science workshop and let them discover and explore science through fun and exciting learning activities.

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