How to compress your Video using Movavi Video Converter

Nobody likes to delete his or her favourite movie merely because of its file size. When a video file takes up plenty of space on your hard drive or does not fit on your memory card of your portable device, you would be required to compress it. Moreover, you would want that the compression should be without any loss. It implies that the compression should be without any significant loss of quality.

Need for compressing the video

In case, you like to watch movies on your multimedia player, tables or Smartphone, you would certainly want to search for an optimal solution for compressing large video files, as data storage is usually quite limited. In addition, if you would like to transfer any video clip to a particular portable device, you might also be required to convert it to a video format, which would be supported by that device.


In addition to usage of mobile device, you would also be required to compress movies when you have been preparing them for web upload. Several online video sharing websites would restrict the video size along with the format of the footage you upload.

How to compress video

Prior to you start, you should download and install Movavi Video Converter. It has been the perfect video compression software for compressing digital video files or DVDs. You could also make use of the software for converting videos to different format such as MP4, WMV, MOV, MPEG, AVI and several others, which has been based on your requirements.

Using Movavi Video Converter, you would not require a degree in video engineering for converting HD-movies for playback on your mobile device. You could also compress video for web upload. The program would be able to cater a wide range of conversion presets for several mobile devices and websites. In order to compress movies with Movavi Video Converter, you should download a suitable version of the program.

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